Deputy Legal Manager

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Job Description

  • Be on behalf of HOD of Legal Department in case HOD not on duty
  • Be in charge in all litigation matters: including dispute arrangements, negotiation, proceed the lawsuits at court and competent authorities.
  • Provide legal advice and guidance on all kinds of litigation matters.
  • Provide legal advice and guidance on company’s compliance.
  • Review, draft and prepare legal letters, agreements and contracts to ensure the company’s compliance.
  • Warn company and it’s all possessions from any illegal problems.
  • Assist HOD of legal department in any legal matters of the company.
  • Perform other necessary tasks required by BOD

Job Requirement

  • At least 5 years in legal field
  • Experiences in litigation works, disputes arrangement, negotiation, etc.
  • Expert in company laws,investment laws, labor laws,contract laws,etc.,
  • 4 skills English and Microsoft office skills are required.

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